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    July 11, 2013
    12:00 - 12:31pm PDT  

complete bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> as we speak new leads, developments, investigators are following up on them. >> as the search continues for a little girl reportedly kidnapped in oakland, why her father has been arrested on other charges related to the case. that is the top story at
noon. good afternoon, i am tori campbell, the disappearance of daphne webb has taken a turn, her father has been arrested, sal castaneda has the rest of the story. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, you heard the father was arrestd for child endangerment. ktvu has also learned that cadaver dog found the scent of the missing girl at john webb's home, the father who lives there with the mother of the girl. police say when webb left his child in the car with an elderly relative yesterday he put that child at risk. 21-month-old daphne viola webb was reported taken after 11:00 yesterday morning from a market in east oakland. an amber alert was issued an hour and a half later. the toddler's father, john webb, as we mentioned says he went into the corner store, left daphne with his elderly mother and she was gone when he came back. a witness told ktvu he spoke
with the father shortly after the reported abduction. >> he just asked me had i seen anybody around his car, around his vehicle. and i told him no. i said what happened. and he said that his daughter had been taken and mom's purse had been taken as well. >> police say they are keeping the investigation open to all possibilities, including looking at the father as a possible suspect. to that end officers have searched the park where the father took the little girl. searched the home he shared with the child's mother and spoke tone people who knew him. oakland police say this investigation is very active today. >> we are going to continue to shift resources, follow up leads in the investigation and move throughout the city to make sure that every area, every yard, building, possible witness, video surveillance footage that we would be able to obtain, our investigators would have access to that.
>> reporter: now we are looking at video from news chopper 2 as oakland police are searching the shoreline near the martin luther king area near doolittle drive. we have found out john webb has not been rested. when we called the jail they said he is no longer here at the oakland jail. he is on his way to santa rita jail, the alameda county jail, we have no word on why he is going there or why he hasn't been released but we will follow this story throughout the day. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >> oakland police are also searching for the person who stole a car at gun point last night and drove off with the baby inside. it happened about 10:45 at the westco gas station on high street. a family of five had stopped there to fill up. they say a man with a gun walked up and told them to get out. the man drove off with a 1-year-
old baby in the back seat. shortly after the carjacking the baby was found safe about a mile away. >> the people that took the car left their jackets on top of the baby, so i guess they weren't really trying to kill the baby or anything or hurt the baby. >> a person walking by saw the baby under a tree and called police. so far no arrests have been made. the investigation into ashanna flight 214 still has a way to go but the work at the crash scene there is winding down. claude deep wopping joins us live to let us know what is happening on the runway and when it might re-open. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, they told me they are in the final stages of their investigation and clean up and repair work is underway but there is still a lot of work to do ahead. i want to show you the wreckage, that is flight 214
and work to clear that away could start as early as tonight. inside sfo the best indication of the impact the investigation is having on travelers comes from the arrival and departure screens, already today 50 flights have been cancel and delays are averaging 45 minutes by day's end if today is like the last few there will be about 100 cancellations. >> i wasn't delayed coming out of dfw. i have some friends on another flight out of dfw that are delayed. >> our flight was right there and transferred everybody out. >> the ntsb tome they are close to wrapping up their on screern work and getting ready to head back to headquarters to put it back together. >> when we are done the salvage operation will move the aircraft. the majority of it will stay locally but we do have parts of it we have already taken back and some parts we will continue to take back to dc. >> the runway was turned back over to sfo last night. the wreckage could be handed
over tonight or tomorrow. this morning heavy equipment started moving in in preparation for that next phase of clean up and repair. but it is still unclear how long that phase will last. we know crews will need to lay down about 500 tons of asphalt but we also know damage assessments under the plane have yet to be made. but one passenger told us his thoughts aren't on delays or cancellations or inconvenience but on all the people on board flight 214. >> sitting in the window, i looked out the window and there it was so it seemed kind of surreal. >> reporter: so expect a lot of heavy equipment to move on to that runway today and tonight and for the next few days. for now the airport says best case scenario for getting that runway back open is sunday or monday but a more realistic aim is probably beginning to middle of next week. live near sfo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you claudine, or news
crew shot this video 40 minutes ago. it shows today's agenciana flight 214 landing on sfo and making a smooth picture perfect landing. it passed right by the wreckage there you see of the flight that crashed on saturday. it has been landing on its regular schedule once a day every day since the crash. now the ntsb is releasing a lot of information about the crash and the airline pilots association says it is stunned by the quantity of flight information that is being made public this week. the union is questioning whether this transparency with so many details might result in a dangerous rush to judgment. the ntsb has been posting a lot of information on its twitter account also. it started embracing social media two years ago. the number of twitter followers jumps when the agency posts information about high profile crashes. we are now hearing some of the 911 calls made by passengers of flight 214 just moments after evacuating the plane on saturday.
>> -- the majority of people got off. i tried to stay back but i think there are at least a handful of people behind me. >> there are no ambulances here. we have been on the ground 20 minutes, still people waiting on the tar pack with critical injuries head injuries lots of fire engines not one one ambulance here. >> you can hear the panic and frustration. authorities said ambulances were held back out of concerns the plane might explode. two 16-year-old girls were killed and more than 180 people hurt in the crash. three are still in critical condition. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the investigation into flight 214. we will have all the developing news in the ntsb investigation on the air and on as well as on your mobile device. tonight we will go in-depth on the crash of flight 214 with a one hour primetime special. ktvu in-depth, flight 214, airs
tonight at 9:00 p.m. right before the 10:00 news. right now the new york city fire department is on the scene of a building collapse that sent nine people, including two firefighters, to a hospital. investigators say the building in the city's chaina town neighborhood partially collapsed and caught fire. there are reports there may have been a natural gas explosion on the first floor of the building. among the eight injured at least three are in serious condition. >> i started doing chest compressions on him. felt a pulse. >> new information at noon, the man being called a hero after a mother and her young son were hit by a suv. his own words ahead in a live report. the bay area is cooling down, mark tamayo will be here in a few minutes to tell you if the trend will continue for your weekend. >> if you are planning to lose weight you should really be drinking like water or something. >> new research may put cold water on the assumptions diet
sodas are healthier than regular sodas. what some people in the bay area think about that. u
contra costa authorities just released the names of a couple killed in a head on crash in richmond at 8:00 last night on richmond parkway not far from the chevron refinery,
police tell us for some reason the driver swerved into oncoming traffic and rolled over right into the path of a big rig, the coroner says the victims were martin and marlene kirkic from san rafael, both were 72. we are continuing to follow the story of a mother and her son hit by an suv, janine de la vega has the story and experienced how dangerous the street can be. >> reporter: that's right, my photographer george and i tried to cross the street here in this crosswalk and had a really difficult time getting cars to stop or yield to us. it was the same spot that a family was hit by a passing car. >> i think the kid went over the car. >> tom franklin cringed as he looked at the markings on newark boulevard where a fire- year-old boy was knocked
unconscious by an suv. see in this video taken last night the boy's by cycle was trapped underneath, when he heard the crash he ran outside to help. >> probably 15, 20 seconds at least he was not breathing at all. turns colors in his mouth. i started doing chest compressions on him, felt a pulse. and then i heard him you know gurge eling. >> witnesses say it appeared his leg was broken. across the street lay his mother, knocked off her bisch. the father was on a bike but not hit. crews rushed him to the hospital. police say the boy is suffering serious injuries while his mother's injuries are described as moderate. investigators say the 72-year- old woman driving stopped and cooperated, it doesn't appear alcohol or drugs was a factor. >> i have not seen my son injured like that but to see what i saw that has got to stop. we need a light.
>> witnesses said they heard the driver said the sun was in her eyes and she could not see, it is unknown if she was speeding but they want changes anyway. cars are speeding and he said they end up here. >> cars have an accident and end up here. >> how many times has it happened? >> five times. >> we did contact the city manager's office to see if an intersection -- if a light was needed or a stop sign. they said they have been doing studies and so far it hasn't warranted that but in light of the accident the city manager says they are going to look into that and my colleague reporter jade hernandez is going to continue our coverage and will have more on this at 5:00. reporting live from newark, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> closing arguments are underway in the trial of two men accused of rape. they face live in prison if they are convicted in the
brutal rape of a 16-year-old girl outside a homecoming dance. attorneys for peter argued he only watched and did not take part. two men have been convicted already and two others are awaiting trial on lesser charges. at this hour closing arguments are underway in the george zimmerman trial. a florida jury will soon be diminish deliberating whether he is guilty of murder in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin or whether he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense. this morning the judge ruled jurors will be able to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter in addition to the charge of second-degree murder. in a closing argument prosecutors argued that zimmerman was the aggressor in last february's incident with martin. >> he was minding his own business. but apparently this defendant decided that he was up to no
good. >> -- proves one thing -- >> -- the defense is expected to make its case to the jury later this afternoon. there has been a major break in the decades old boston strangler case and now the last of the 1960s killings may have been solved. boston police say dna links long time suspect albert desalvo to the final victim, his remains were taken up to confirm that. she was the last of women whose deaths were attributed to him. >> when he was sentenced to life in prison for sexual assaults and not the strangler homicides there was no forensic evidence to link albert desalvo to mary sullivan's murder until today. >> he confessed but was never
convicted. he was stabbed to death in prison in 1973 while serving a life sentence for the none related sexual assaults. traffic is moving this noontime on highway 101 in sausalito but that was not the case this morning after a tall tree came crashing down in commute traffic. a ktvu viewer sent us this picture as you can see the tree toppled down blocking three southbound lanes heading toward san francisco. it happened about 7:45 a.m. the tree did hit one vehicle but the driver was not injured. a decision was handed down in the last hour causing a key shift in the america's cup race, a five member international jury today upheld protests by two challengers in the race. the italian team and the seem from new zealand opposed new
safety rules instituted after the death of a crew member aboard artemust racing they agreed saying it amounted to changing the rules. a girl considered a gulf phenom is making an attempt to qualify for the usga's women's amateur championship at oakland's sequoyah country club. lucy lee of redwood city is facing off with women of all ages and from all across the globe, vying for eight spots to advance to the championship in charleston, south carolina. >> i have no idea. >> it is wide open. >> it is wide open. these gals are very very talented. >> lee is a 6th grader who lost month became the youngest player ever to advance in match play in the women's amateur public links championship. >> we have been advertising a little bit of a drop off in temperatures and so far that forecast is verifying for
today. here is our live camera that we stare at from the weather center, you see the changing sky conditions out there. you see the clouds beginning to lift but still overcast. san francisco out there in the distance. right now in the maps on live storm tracker 2, there is that fog bank that is a factor for the good portion of the day and the nog deck over san francisco, the bay bridge and the bay bridge approaching oakland toward emeryville as will, still patchy overcast this afternoon. temperatures warming up, cooler than yesterday, 70s walnut creek and livermore, san jose 72 and san francisco in the upper 50s, definitely want to bundle up here, those readings only 57 degrees. as far as wind speeds a check on those, strong toward 48field out of the west 22 miles an hour, not so strong for the rest of the region, we will show you more and toward sfo a north westerly wind at 15 miles an hour. forecast headlines for today we will go with this, areas of fog near the coast and around the
bay beginning to lift though bay side right now. tomorrow some morning clouds will be a little bit cooler then the weekend we warm things up by a few degrees. these are all mine or changes over the next few days. high pressure is beginning to back off but the key is that circulation around that high drawing that moisture into the southern portions of the state so if you have friends or family in southern california they will be talking about rainfall for today. for us the clouds and showers remain to our south. a few high clouds and just the fog to contend with for today and tomorrow. so a drop off in temperatures for inland spots, in fact quite a few degrees toward concord and livermore. keeping it cool. the fog i mentioned a factor and they regroup tomorrow morning there so no big changes tomorrow. cooler in a few spots. forecast highs this afternoon, warmest locations on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. san francisco 63 degrees. more neighborhoods for you, san
jose upper 70s. morgan hill 83 degrees. look ahead your five-day- forecast with your weekend always in view and rapidly approaching. we warm things up by friday-by saturday and sunday warmest locations could be approaching lower 90s but remember last week i was saying the same thing after day. no major heat in that five-day- forecast. >> okay. sounds good. thank you, mark. just minutes ago we received video of a breaking news story we just mentioned. it is a building explosion and collapse in new york city's chinatown. fire officials say nine people, including two firefighters have been hospitalized. initial reports suggest there may have been a natural gas explosion on the first floor of the five story building. people switching to diet soda in an effort to lose weight may be doing more harm than good to their health. a purdue study finds diet soda may be linked to health problems from obesity to diabeteses to heart disease. we talked to soda drinkers and former soda drinkers in the bay area today.
>> i used to and i just -- the -- i no longer could even taste the diet on it. >> if you are planning to lose weight you should really be drinking like water or something that is just generally healthy for you anyway. >> the researchers say artificial sweeteners throw off the body's ability to determine how many calories it needs thus causing more harm than their sugary counterparts. where a lot of jobs may be available near the bay area. anyday now the world waits for the first of the royal babies. the folks whose hands are in the soil. planting and nurturing the kind of delicious produce that gets delivered to safeway every single day. fresh from our farmers. this week, locally grown red lion nectarines are just 99 cents a pound. at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪
the dow and s&p within range of closing at all time highs after fed chairman ben bernanke reassured investors this economic stimulus program is not going away anytime soon. a live look the dow up 174, the nasdaq up 56, s&p up 22. amazon is looking for hundreds of people for its new tracy distribution center. most of the new jobs will be for warehouse workers. starting pay for those positions is 14 dollars an hour with benefits but also positions in finance, information, technology, and engineering. the new facility may open in september. prince william and kate middleton will be welcoming their baby any day now. the future british monarch will be born at st. mary's hospital
in london in the same wing. she has been staying out of the public eye, laying low at her mother's house. we are continuing to follow the plane crash at sfo, there are questions as to when the plane will be removed and we are expecting to learn more about what happened in the cock birth. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we will see you next time news breaks, we are always here on and have a great day. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks. but did you know we've also mastered three incredibly craveable pastas?
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